Wednesday, August 13, 2014

LAST ONE!!! 08/13/14

Alright. Here it is. The last email of Sorella Holloways mission.
Hahaha Yaaaaaaaaaaaa guys I am freaking out. 

Ok well- aside from the fact I am freaking out- GENOVA IS SOOOOO WONDERFUL. By far the prettiest city I have seen... maybe second best. Hahaha My Companion is officially my Best friend. I am with Sorella Astel, and we came into the MTC together so we are in the SAME GROUP anddddd we both go home the same day. Yeah thats real. Haha
Not to mention, we are opening Genova 1... Yeah That was a surprise hahaha I was like.. OH... Soooooo we have nothing... cool... we are starting from Zero and then leaving.... cool. Hahaha
But guys We are working so hard and are just going crazyyyyy!!!!!!! Ok a Normal week for missionaries here is like... 15 lessons and you are doing good, and 2 or 3 investigators a week is super solid, well my firends, Sorella Astel and I decided that for our last week in the mission we would break all of our goals, so just from Monday and Tuesday we have gotten 5 new investigators and 17 lessons, we have two people with a baptisimal date, and guys- we are soooo happy. I have never worked so hard hahaha
Last night was the biggest miracle- we were home at like 8:35ish so I said- ok lets get like one more lesson and then we can go home (We have to be home at 9) and we walked past this group of 4 people, they were yelling at each other, and were drunk sooooo we kept walking. We walked around till like 8:59 and were almost to the apartment and I was just like- Lets justtttt go talk to them Hahaha So Who knows what came over me but I walked up to them and asked "Cosa si Rende Felice??" Bahaha Aka What makes you happy- Not a super great question, in fact quite pathetic. But one women looks at us and asks us if we are missionaries, she said- "Where do we go after this life? My brother was murdered last week and I neeeed to know" 
Family- The Lord works in Mysterious ways- but I have no doubt that she was there and we were there at the perfect time. We prayed with them all, but man was my testimony strengthened. You would think I would be numb to that at this point- but nope- its still amazing. Every day. 

I also gave my last and dying testimony at Zone Training on Monday- That was wierd. I said Love God, Love yourself, and Love life bahahaha At the time it seemed like really great and now I am just like... maybe I should have thought that through a little more. Hahaha

Being that this is my last email (you might get like a one-liner next week) I just want to say I love you all, and I know the church is true. I am converted and if I could say or list all the things I learned in the past 18 months I would, but I cant. I am so thankful for every hard day and that I have changed. I am so proud of myself and so thankful Heavenly Father loves me enough to put me through heck and make me climb mouintains, because now I can do it with a smile on my face because he taught me what is on the other side. How great is our Lord and how important to make him known. I know our Heavenly Father and I know our Brother Jesus Christ and I have a relationship with them. I am so thankful I know. 

I will see you all next week- I CANT WAIT!!!!! I will try to call you at the airport... I think I know our phone number but if thats not it,,,, thennnnnnn you wont get a call from me hahaha 

Love you!!!!

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